• June 20, 2021



The ultimate spot to hunker down and get away from the world has just opened up, Raffles Maldives. With Male international airport still running, the island nation and its usually packed luxury resorts are open for business and the chance to run the ultimate doomsday setup for a maximum of 70 people is now up for grabs.

Available from today through to the end of 2020, Raffles Resort Meradhoo is offering you and your mates the chance to take full control of their resort for just US$1 million.

The package, aptly named “You Run Raffles Maldives”, grants exclusive access to all 21 villas, a yacht, and two islands for a four-night stay.


The Raffles Maldives resort buy-out begins with a private charter flight from Male to Gaafu Alifu Atoll where the resort is located, before indulging in a truly all-inclusive offering.

With spa treatments, water sports galore, butlers for land and sea, and use of house yacht ‘Azimut’ for any expeditions, there’s plenty of activities to keep you occupied.

Paired with custom drinking and dining experiences that can be held wherever you want across the resort, there’ll be no need to stress about sourcing canned goods amongst the hordes of panic buyers, either. This is in every sense of the word an escape.

Beach Villa interior

To top it all off, this destination will also grant access to a nearby deserted island, which is essentially a blank canvas for anything your heart desires – including private concerts (to make up for the current lack of).

Firepit restaurant

So wrangle 69 of your uninfected mates and escape to paradise for a week by emailing reservations.maldives@raffles.com or calling +960 682 8800.

Can’t afford the Raffles Maldives price tag? Kill the time while we’re in COVID-19 induced lockdown with a list of 101 things as prescribed by BH.

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