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Hotel Review :Today’s luxury travel prefers quality over quantity. Experience a culinary journey in paradise with Splendid Palace Hotel…By Tony Bar / New York…

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  The Gourmet Inclusive Experience


                                        Splendid Palace Hotel…

A magnificent building with silvery domes and red shutters, facing Marmara Sea one side and the city of Istanbul on the other…

A hotel in historical symbiosis with nature, retaining the nostalgic ecstasy of the past on Büyükada’s unique, peaceful and relaxing island atmosphere far removed from the stress creating nature of the city.


On Büyükada, as well as the other Princes’ Islands, horse drawn carriages and bicycles are still the only means of public transportation.

Splendid Palace Hotel was inaugurated in 1908. Though inspired to some extent by “Art Nouveau”, the hotel clearly displays an east /west synthesis in architectural design with its bright inner courtyard encircled with rooms, and the pillars on floors around the courtyard.

           There are 60 rooms and 9 suites to accommodate 130 guests…


The swimming pool in a verdant surrounding of trees is the outcome of a building design in harmony with nature.

Splendid Palace Hotel is one of Turkey’s handful hotels that have been assigned special status by the Tourism Ministry, due to its unforgettable historical and cultural heritage.

The New York Times describes the Splendid Palace as “an Art Nouveau-flavoured wedding cake of a hotel, located only two blocks from the clock tower.

Built in 1908, the hotel is double-domed, white as icing and grandly down-at-heel, with four tiers of balconied rooms and crimson shutters.”


In 2015, Splendid Palace became the home of the fantastic “O Sentimental Machine” installation by William Kentridge at the 14th Istanbul Biennial, SALTWATER.

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