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The most luxurious casinos in the EU to visit in 2020 / LUXURY LIFESTYLE MAG

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MONTE CARLO, MONACO - JUNE 04, 2019: Casino building facade in a sunny summer day in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

The most luxurious casinos in the EU to visit in 2020 / LUXURY LIFESTYLE MAG

There’s nothing quite like that surge of adrenaline that comes with standing at the roulette table awaiting the next roll; it’s a special kind of thrill when the stakes are so high, and set against the glamorous backdrop of one of the world’s finest casinos, the excitement only intensifies.
When you think of heading off on a casino getaway, perhaps the first place that springs to mind is Las Vegas. With its bright lights and ostentatious charm, it’s a bucket list destination for many passionate gamers – offering countless casinos boasting an enviable range of quality games, and a range of outlandish attractions and shows to boot.
But when it comes to glamour and luxury, there are other places to enjoy – some of them offering you a far superior experience, too. Europe is famed for its range of historic and sophisticated casinos, attracting the rich and the famous in their droves from around the world. From the charm and opulence of Monte Carlo to the modern-day glitz of Ibiza, there’s a lot to love about the casino scene in the EU right now, so if you’re planning a European city break or a sunshine getaway in 2020, then why not combine the two?
How to prepare for your trip
Take our advice though; if you’re heading to one of these gambling hotspots, then get some practice in first. They attract some of the biggest high-rollers from around the world, so you can expect to be given a run for your money. Therefore, we recommend going online first to get some experience with the games that are on offer so that you’re well prepared to challenge the elite.
But how do you separate the wheat from the chaff when playing online? Head over to Casino Professor – an online casino comparison site which is available in multiple languages and reviews not only the very best online casinos in Europe, but all over the world. Read about the most lucrative European online casinos at Casino Professor today and discover the best sites to play on, as you start honing your skills for your big next casino adventure.
Top casinos in Europe
Once that’s done, you can look forward to an adrenaline-fuelled luxury EU casino getaway – but where are the best places to go? We’ve rounded up our pick of the most luxurious casinos in Europe – so all that’s left for you to do is roll the dice.
1. Casino Café de Paris, Monaco
MONTE CARLO, PRINCIPALITY OF MONACO - SEPTEMBER 15, 2018: Unknown tourists rest in Cafe de Paris Monte-Carlo on Place du Casino in evening
Each year, thousands of visitors flock to Monte Carlo, Monaco, to get a taste of that luxury lifestyle – from perusing the super yachts that line the harbour, to dining at some of the very finest restaurants in all of Europe – and for gambling enthusiasts, there’s no better place to spin some roulette than the famous Café de Paris.
One of the oldest casinos of Monaco, Casino Cafe de Paris is nested in an old building that is somewhat deceiving. With its unique science fiction inspired interiors, neon designs adorn the inside, shining a spotlight on the huge variety of games on offer. Open 24 hours, you can play slot machines that can’t be found anywhere else in the EU. The jackpots here are the highest on the French Riviera, sometimes reaching a million. The unique selling point of the casino is the two terraces, which become prime real estate for the Monaco Grand Prix – making it a must-visit for F1 and casino lovers alike.
2. Casino de Monte Carlo, France
MONACO - SEPTEMBER 26, 2018: Monte Carlo Casino is an entertainment complex includes casino, Grand Theatre and Les Ballets de Monte Carlo in Monaco
One of the most opulent casinos in Europe, Casino de Monte Carlo shot to fame after appearing in the acclaimed movie, Casino Royale – which shone a spotlight on the incredible glamour and opulence this show-stopping venue offers inside. Established in 1983 by Prince Florestan so that he could address the nation’s debt in an effort to entice the English aristocracy to put their wealth into Monaco, this casino is the must-see destination for high rollers bold enough to bet their millions for a change to multiply their wealth. This grand-dame of a casino has interior design and architecture unmatched anywhere else in the world, making it one of the best to visit in Europe.
3. The Kurkhaus of Baden-Baden, Germany
BADEN-BADEN, GERMANY - May 18, 2018: Kurhaus of Baden-Baden is a spa resort, casino, and conference complex.
The Kurhaus is not just one of the most glamorous casinos internationally, but one of the oldest ones too. With a rich history of housing the most legendary international gatherings including the chess tourney,
the NATO summit, and the Olympics congress, gamblers here can enjoy an exclusive session – and will pay millions, if not billions, for a private game at the casino. Away from the gambling tables, you can enjoy a treatment or two at the spa or take a stroll to explore the famous Black forest in the near vicinity, making it a great base for a long weekend.
4. Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino, Ibiza
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When Ibiza springs to mind, so too do its pristine, sandy beaches and glamorous daytime pool parties. The excitement doesn’t end at sunset though, and we’re not talking all night clubbing to sets from some of the world’s top DJs – unless, of course, that’s your bag. Instead, for a truly glamorous evening, head to the Ibiza Gran Hotel Casino.
The hotel offers a majestic welcoming setup featuring machines and tables for the locals and tourists who want to win big. The casino has also been the scene of Texas hold ’em tournaments, which occasionally attract professional poker players from around the world.
Whatever you’re looking for from your next luxury getaway – from arts and culture to azure seas and beautiful beaches, one thing is for sure – head to one of these five casino hotspots, and all of your gaming needs, and your hankering for the most opulent of luxury experiences, will be met and then surpassed.

The most luxurious casinos in the EU to visit in 2020 / LUXURY LIFESTYLE MAG

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