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Six Immersive Experiences for Adventurous Travelers / By Jannifer Bar / Amsterdam / DISCOVER.LUXURY

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Six Immersive Experiences for Adventurous Travelers / By Jannifer Bar / Amsterdam / DISCOVER.LUXURY

Adventurous travelers everywhere are clamoring to book immersive travel experiences because they’ve realized what a unique and valuable experience this type of travel offers.
Immersive travel isn’t for the traveler wishing to relax in private. It’s for the person who is ready to connect with other like-minded travelers and experience activities that offer engagement,
excitement, and in some cases, rushes of adrenaline. Here are six immersive experiences for the adventurous traveler in you.

Corfu, Greece

Six Immersive Experiences for Adventurous Travelers
Corfu isn’t what you may picture in your head when you think of Greece, meaning, it’s not white buildings carved into the landscape with blue roofs. Rather, you’ll find it to be equally as quaint, but its structures reflect the influence of the countries who occupied it over time.
You’ll find buildings that look Italian in style or English in style as these different countries had a hold there before what we know as modern Greece was officially formed.
But, beyond the architecture, we recommend a stay at a local AirBnB location such as a city apartment or perhaps a room on a houseboat.
As part of your exploration of Corfu, mingling with locals and other travelers, your immersive visit should include a visit to Shipwreck Beach.
Also known as Black Rock Beach, you’ll feel like an archaeologist as you make your way through the rocky, rough terrain to locate the shipwreck.

Cape Town, South Africa

Six Immersive Experiences for Adventurous Travelers
From hiking up to Lion’s Head to kayaking and canoodling with the penguins, an adventure in Cape Town, South Africa becomes an unforgettable experience with a focus on immersing yourself into the local fabric of the area.
From AirBnB’s Experiences, the Paddle with the Penguins is a social impact experience that will not only help you connect with local humans but also penguins! The best part of this experience is that 100% of what you pay for the experience goes directly to AfriOceans conservation Alliance.
This is “one of South Africa’s leading Non Profit Organisations, founded in 2003 by Lesley Rochat, aka The Shark Warrior. AfriOceans conducts REAL Marine Environmental Education and Awareness programmes that make a difference in our communities, on our beaches and in the Ocean.”

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Six Immersive Experiences for Adventurous Travelers
Amsterdam, in The Netherlands, is filled with immersive experiences. From a private boat tour with drinks to tours of the red light district, coffee shops, pubs, and more, the people of Amsterdam are excited to share their beautiful city with you and your fellow travelers.
While a lot of what they offer for immersive experiences aren’t necessarily adventurous, they are valuable experiences nonetheless. You can venture out of the city to see the windmills firsthand or stay close to the action in the city with any of the tours that highlight everything locals love about living there.
We found some amazing ideas on Withlocals for Amsterdam.
Six Immersive Experiences for Adventurous Travelers / dotLuxury / Jannifer Bar / Amsterdam /

Barcelona, Spain

Six Immersive Experiences for Adventurous Travelers
This is another city in which Withlocals has some great tours – many for the casual traveler wishing to focus on food and drink and culture, but also several for both the seasoned hiker as well as the novice hiker.
Barcelona is an easy sell for a destination. It’s a large city with stunning architecture, it has near-perfect weather, it is in close proximity to gorgeous beaches, and it has a thriving restaurant, bar, and nightlife scene.
Beyond those attributes, you’ll find art museums, galleries, and installations throughout the city. We encourage you to explore the city fully and then take in some hiking tours with some of the locals to see Barcelona beyond the city, such as the Personalized Hiking Tour on Montjuic Mountain.
Tokyo, Japan
Six Immersive Experiences for Adventurous Travelers
A city that can seem overwhelming, from the language barriers to over-stimulation of the senses, Tokyo is definitely best experience by doing so with someone in the know and what better way to experience that than with a local who can teach you about the food? 
Eatwith is a platform that will pair you with locals for different food experiences and it’s perfect for Tokyo.
From fish market tours to food and sake pairings to learning to cook like a local, these experiences are an excellent means to immerse yourself into the Japanese culture in Tokyo and learn from those who live it.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Six Immersive Experiences for Adventurous Travelers
Of course, no list of travel that appeals to the adventures ous would be complete without mention of Machu Picchu, Peru.
This is a destination perfect for immersive travel. While there are some luxury experiences to be had while making your way to Machu Picchu, the hikes and the overall journey is definitely enhanced when you opt for one of Lokal’s experiences such as the five-day Sacred Valley & Lares Adventure to Machu Picchu. This tour offers you the opportunity to “Stay in rural communities on this lodge-to-lodge journey to Machu Picchu.
Daily expeditions will lead you along seldom-traveled highland trails.”
The most important part of immersive travel is to focus on connecting with locals. This will allow you the opportunity to see and experience the destination as the locals see it and live in it.
From dining experiences to physical adventures, immersive travel is the ultimate for the local feel. Have you tried an immersive experience yet? If you’re not quite as adventurous as an immersive experience might require, you may want to try visiting some of the world’s most Instagrammable hotels.

Six Immersive Experiences for Adventurous Travelers / By Jannifer Bar / Amsterdam / DISCOVER.LUXURY

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