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Istanbul Modern City / By Janbolat Khanat / Istanbul / TRAVEL EXCLUSIVE NEWS

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Istanbul Modern City…By Janbolat Khanat / Istanbul…TRAVEL EXCLUSIVE NEWS…

It would be wrong to describe the modern city of Beyoğlu (the word itself means “modern city”) as being more “western” but it is of course remarkably different from the historical area on the other side of the Galata Bridge.

A modern city limited only to high rise buildings and brand new gigantic malls would
be of little interest, but Beyoğlu still bears the marks of a huge diversity of people and cultures which have crossed the land throughout its history; it is a breathtaking iconic city with a unique atmosphere, unique architecture and unique memories.
From Karaköy to Taksim you will discover the Galata Tower and its magnificent views across Istanbul, Tünel and its old tram and also a “Paris of the Roaring Twenties” rebuilt from scratch by the municipality. See the Istiklal Caddessi, a 1000 m long pedestrian street filled with modern shops and restaurants with a pretty little red tram adding a touch of nostalgia to the scene.

The Cihangir with its San Francisco style feel offers a unique atmosphere and magnificent views of the Istanbul bridge and its illuminations. The district of Kabataş can be the starting point for many discoveries (cruise on the Bosphorus, crossing to the Princes islands, starting point of the tram and metro).

In Besiktas you will will find the Istanbul of business and also of luxury with its palaces, 5 star hotels and luxury boutiques. Be prepared to be enchanted and smitten by the many facets of a great bea

Istanbul Modern City…By Janbolat Khanat / Istanbul…TRAVEL EXCLUSIVE NEWS…

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