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                             Endican Hotel Saw The Summit At The ACE Of M.I.C.E Event And Tourism Fair / By Sedat Karagöz                                                                         Luxury Travel News / Travel Exclısive News / Istanbul,Almaty,New York
                                                                          A magnificent hotel in the historical peninsula of Istanbul….

Standing out with its distinctiveness in the tourism fair it participated in, Endican Beyazıt Hotel is rapidly moving towards becoming the best accommodation brand in Istanbul.

                                                  GENERAL MANAGER TURAN ÇELİKER / CHAIRMAN NEBİ ENDICAN
Nebi Endican, the young and very successful chairman of the board of endican hotels, is quite assertive about chain hotels

                                                                                                 CHAIRMAN NEBİ ENDICAN        

                                      Endican Beyazit Hotel is the adress of a warmly welcome in the old town.

Istanbul’s favorite trade center Laleli and Beyazıt’s most magnificent hotel Endican Beyazit continues its innovations after renovation.
Endican family announced that they will make all kinds of innovations to become one of the respected hotels of Istanbul after renovation.
The Endican family is happy to transfer Turan Çeliker, the successful name of the sector with its innovative and visionary styles, as general manager.
They express that with this transfer, they will be one of the best hotels in Istanbul and the region.
Endican Beyazit Hotel , which sits in historical peninsula, the heart of the city, where the most respected hotels of the city are located,
Displays all the grandeur and splendor of architectural excellence and preeminence with its unique, innovative and creative style.
     Endican Beyazit Hotel,
Endican Beyazit Hotel , a brand-new hotel which breathes new life into the hotel business with its sincere service mentality that places the comfort and needs of its guests above all else, offers you a relaxing stay in its spacious and luxurious rooms.
   Endican Beyazit Hotel,
Enjoy our warm-hearted hospitality, whether you are a businessperson who is here for a short stay or a tourist eager to discover what this amazing city has to offer!)
                        Endican Beyazit Hotel is located in Beyazit area which is in the middle of the historical peninsula.
After a renovation of prox. nine month The Endican Beyazit Hotel opened at the begining of September 2020. It has totaly 65 rooms in different categorires .
A restourant and a bar is existing in the lobby level . The SPA with a hamam, sauna and massage rooms is just one floor below of the lobby.
                                 Mimar Kemalettin Mah. Mithatpaşa Cad. Abu Hayat st No 5 Beyazit / Fatih Istanbul Turkey




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