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Hotel Review : Grannos is not only a hotel that you are going to stay! / By Tony Bar

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Grannos is not only a hotel that you are going to stay!

With our specially designed rooms, halls equipped with high technology, the most delicious presentations of Turkish and world cuisine,

children playgrounds, sport activities and thermal SPA;

we decided to be “unique” as the first and only 5 star facility of Haymana.

It’s that close to be happy, relax and relieve from stress!

We planned to be the address for the ones who seek for healing for both soul and body,

want to celebrate their happiness in a special place with their beloved ones, turn the tide by perfect meetings and sometimes get rid of their troubles.

So we built up a marvellous facility as Grannos Thermal Hotel in Haymana, where long winters, hot summers

and the best springs are experienced 70 km away from Ankara.

Before we started that, we put ourselves in your place

We planned Grannos to be the “only address” for the ones who visit for work, entertainment,

marriage as well as seek a perfect place for relaxation. We thought the best way is to combine our elegant architecture

with the warm and professional service concept of our human resource.

The only similar of us is 3000 km way from Ankara.

When trying to say healing, we really acted bravely by mediating one of the most important values with a great comfort and sincere service.

In terms of the high quality of our water, it is a unique choice for everyone to be in a thermal which is the second in the world after famous French Vichy hot springs!

With the Grannos comfort that will physically and mentally ease everyone,

we aimed to present this unique thermal water which has 42.5 degree temperature,

can be used as it comes out of its spring and is a healing resource for many disorders with its 6.8 pH degree .

In Grannos, hospitality is worthy of your recommendation…

With the central location and easy transport in Ankara, we are awaiting

to offer a 5 star service for your five star programs with our rich opportunities which will make happy our guests of all ages.


With the name of Grannos which has been known as the God of Healing in mythology for ages, we are opening our magnificent doors to introduce the world’s second best thermal water to tourism world.

As being the first and only 5 star facility of Haymana with our 41.396 m2 enclosed area, we will be proud to host you with our specially designed rooms,

halls equipped with high technology, the most delicious presentations of Turkish and World cuisine, children playgrounds, various sports activities and thermal SPA center.


  • Medrese Mah. Şehitler Cad. No:10 Haymana – Ankara – Turkey
  • 444 7 490
  • 0(312) 612 99 99
  • 0(312) 612 99 90

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