From The Editor

Getting featured in WMWNEWSTURKEY WEEKLY TRAVEL & LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE Each day we receive hundreds of requests to be featured and often the demand is so great, we do not have the time to look through them all.

Brands with a longstanding relationship with us will take preference, as will agencies, we have worked extensively with.

To increase your chances of getting featured we would urge you to read the following: Consider whether the content you are submitting is suitable for WMWNEWSTURKEY MAGAZINE.

Direct your email to someone in the editorial team and not simply “Hi” “Dear” or “Honey”. Provide easy access to relevant images, either by attaching some hi-res images or a link to where we can download some.

The above will not guarantee you will be published, but it will increase your chances. Sponsored content / Paid features I made the decision to stop accepting any form of display advertising.

This was in part due to my conscience and also to keep the clean look of the online magazine. We do however, consider sponsored article suggestions.

This must be a paid-for service as it entails our editorial team spending time checking the accuracy of copy, re-writing some elements, optimising the copy and working on the design and layout etc.

If this is something you want to discuss, please contact me via the email address below. My main aim has always been for myself and the editorial team to write and publish good quality impartial editorial and publish news releases which I feel our readers will enjoy.

By adopting this rather unorthodox approach to advertising, I am able to personally pick and choose articles that I believe are informative and educational for our readers.

This will remain the stance of WMWNEWSTURKEY® for the foreseeable future.


Owner, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief