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New Baltic cuisine is all about brining back local ingredients in new and imaginative forms. Seasonality has become one of the most important influences in the modern Lithuanian kitchen, and leading restaurants are placing great emphasis on creating dishes made with produce from local forests and small farms.

At Sweet Root, named the third best restaurant in the Baltics by the prestigious culinary directory White Guide Nordic, herbs and vegetables including over 15 types of heirloom tomatoes come straight from the restaurant’s garden, located 50 km from Vilnius. Berries and mushrooms from the nearby meadows and forests also appear on plates in creative combinations.
Sweet Root’s farm

Sweet Root’s farm

“We want you to know how diverse and unique Lithuania is,” the restaurant’s website says. “We want you to join us to experience the particularity of our cuisine by returning to its most simple ingredients – like beetroot, dill, or honey.”

Vilnius-based Nineteen18, named the second-best restaurant in the Baltics, also sources most of its produce from its own farm, located an hour’s drive from Vilnius. Chanterelles, cucumbers, parsley and raspberries appear on a changing menu that reflects the seasons, while plated up you’ll find delicacies like pickled turnip with horseradish cream and fragrant herbs or raw crayfish with radish flowers.

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