The holidays are a time for celebrating and giving.  You want to give a little something special to everyone on your list or those that drop by for a quick hello.  Plus, a good guest always arrives to a party with a fun hostess gift.  Whether there’s an unexpected guest at your home or a spur of the moment party, it’s always a good idea to keep some extra presents on hand so nobody feels left out. These are some of our favorite quick and easy gift ideas to have ready for your unexpected holiday guests.
Throw Blanket
gifts for unexpected holiday guests
Photo courtesy of World Market
You can never go wrong with a warm and cozy blanket. This plaid throw blanket is perfect for those chilly winter mornings or just snuggling up for a movie. It’s also gender neutral so you’re prepared no matter who shows up to your home for the holidays! Wrap it in a festive box or simply tie a bow around it, and you’re good to go. Grab yours from World Market here.
Box of Chocolates
gifts for unexpected holiday guests
Photo courtesy of See’s Candies
“Memorable and mouthwatering”, chocolates have become a holiday staple throughout the years. From nuts and caramels to chewy centers, this gift also requires virtually no wrapping on your part. If you’re feeling extra festive, we recommend filling a few decorative glass jars with chocolate and tying it off with a holiday ribbon. Or just head down to your nearest See’s and grab a keepsake tin like this one.
Coffee Beans
gifts for unexpected holiday guests
Photo courtesy of Starbucks
Give your guests the gift of a fresh cup of coffee with their very own coffee beans. Whether they prefer a dark roast or a breakfast blend, most coffee shops such as Starbucks have a huge variety of beans to choose from. Not sure if they’re a coffee lover? Grab some hot chocolate instead!
Portable Charger
gifts for unexpected holiday guests
Photo courtesy of Target
Everyone has some type of electronic device these days.  From phones and iPads to headphones and watches, we could all use a little more power on the go. This portable charger from Target is small enough to fit in your pocket while fully charging your devices.
Holiday Candle
gifts for unexpected holiday guests
Photo courtesy of Anthropologie
Spread a little holiday cheer – and smell – this year with a scented candle from your favorite store. Choose from a wide variety of scents to cover all your guests. Many even come with festive packaging! With a 25-hour burn time, these candles from Anthropologie are sure to last your guests through the holidays.
Gift Cards
gifts for unexpected holiday guests
Photo courtesy of Ulta Beauty
There are endless possibilities when shopping for gift cards. Whether your guest is a foodie, makeup lover, or techie, there’s a gift card for almost everywhere! Many places such as Ulta also now allow you to purchase an E-gift card if you choose to send them directly to their inbox for any amount you desire.
Homemade Treats
gifts for unexpected holiday guests
Photo courtesy of Good Housekeeping
Do you love whipping up holiday treats in the kitchen? There’s no shortage of goodies you can throw together for any guest who may show up. We recommend checking out Good Housekeeping for recipes like these Peppermint Kiss Oreos for a delicious treat for an unexpected guest!
Take a little stress out of the holidays this year and be prepared for any unexpected guests who may show up at your door. Whether it’s a homemade treat or something as simple as a gift card, it’s great to have some easy gifts on hand. And don’t forget to decorate your home with festive luxury this year with our 7 stunning holiday decorations, including beautiful tree toppers and ornaments! What are some of your go-to gift ideas for the holidays?

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