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7 Clever Ways To Eat Watermeleon / By Tony Bar / New York

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7 Clever Ways To Eat Watermeleon / By Tony Bar / New York 

Before summer comes to an end and the kids head back to school, it’s time to start thinking about how to celebrate the final days of summer…
or shall we say, watermelon season? With sunshine and sweet breezes, you’ll no doubt be enjoying all sorts of sun-soaked activities.
What better way to beat the heat than to keep crisp, refreshing snacks and sips close at hand?
It’s hot, hot, hot, and keeping cool is the name of the game! Stay hydrated with this simple watermelon agua fresca.Here’s How: Cut a ripe melon into cubes. Blend with a squeeze of fresh lime juice and small amount of water. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve into a pitcher. Add a few sprigs of fresh mint and refrigerate.
Garnish with lime wedges and you’ve got pink perfection in a glass. Serving guests? Soon you’ll be able to go full-out retro entertaining with the VINTAGE CHARM RISE ‘N SHINE COLLECTION. This new collection, and 2 other nostalgic Corelle dinnerware sets, is coming soon!
If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Or at least keep cool while you’re in there. Summer salads are a great way to avoid sweltering over the stove top, so give this spinach and watermelon salad a go.Here’s How: Toss watermelon cubes with baby spinach.
Sprinkle with feta cheese, fresh blueberries and chopped walnuts. Drizzle with balsamic vinaigrette. Serve in the classically inspired VINTAGE CHARM SPOT ON COLLECTION for a summertime nosh that looks as great as it tastes.
Skewers are a great way to serve summer snackables. Use long toothpicks, skewers or cocktail picks and create bite-size watermelon kabobs.Here’s How: Thread watermelon cubes, feta cheese squares and fresh basil leaves onto 3- to 4-inch skewers.
Drizzle with a balsamic reduction and arrange on a serving platter, or offer ingredients a la carte in the beautiful and sleek VINTAGE CHARM BIRDS OF A FEATHER COLLECTIONbowls for a DIY snack that couldn’t be simpler.
Cool, creamy deliciousness in a glass? Yes, please! Who doesn’t love a smoothie on a hot summer day? Of course, there are endless flavor combos for these delish drinks, but we love the simple taste of strawberry and watermelon.Here’s How: Pop fresh watermelon cubes and strawberries into a blender or smoothie maker with a bit of freshly grated ginger and a splash of lime juice.
                                                                            Add maple syrup to taste. The result is a tasty treat with crisp, refreshing flavors that can’t be beat.
There’s nothing sweeter than the taste of watermelon, except maybe for our Watermelon Cake, which is baked into a melon shape with a bowl instead of a cake pan. Moist and colorful, this chocolate chip-studded treat looks like the real deal, but tastes even sweeter.
                                                      Here’s How: Ready to whip up this adorable dessert? Get the recipe get the recipe here and share it at your next soiree.
Looking for something to keep the kiddos’ thirst quenched? Popsicles are a tried-and-true way to keep them happy while also keeping them hydrated. These super-simple watermelon pops are an absolute must.
Here’s How: Blend 2 cups watermelon cubes, 1 cup strawberries and 1/4 cup sugar. Pour into ice-pop molds or plastic cups. Pop in sticks and freeze until solid.
Of course, there’s no need to stick to the basics. Get creative, or let the kids choose their own flavors. Looking for more healthy flavor combo ideas? Get inspired with these Four Fantastic Frozen Fruit Pops.
In a hurry or on the go? Take these adorable-as-can-be watermelon cutouts anywhere. They’re a great addition to picnics, pool parties and barbecues. Whatever the occasion, these tasty tidbits are just what you need to wow ’em.Here’s How: Start by cutting the melon in half.
Then slice it into 1-inch disks. Choose your favorite occasion-appropriate cookie cutters and just like that, you’ve got ready-to-eat watermelon snackers. Soon, you’ll be able to get this updated heirloom VINTAGE CHARM RISE ‘N SHINE pattern for a deliciously fun display.
When it comes to summer, one thing’s for sure—watermelon is a must. Whether you keep it simple or gussy it up,
you can’t go wrong when you make this sweet fruit the center of attention.

7 Clever Ways To Eat Watermeleon / By Tony Bar / New York 

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