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5 countries that are dream travel destinations for your honeymoon…By Tony Bar / Spain / TRAVEL EXCLUSIVE NEWS / New York

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5 countries that are dream travel destinations for your honeymoon

Choosing where to travel for your honeymoon can be a difficult decision. Some couples want to venture off to romantic cities, while others plan for something a little more relaxing. If you’re trying to pick a perfect destination for your upcoming honeymoon, then here are five countries that offer cheap holidays and are sure to give you and your loved one a time to remember.

1. Spain – Majorca on the Med

Whether you want to simply laze on the beach, or explore historic sites and the outdoors together, Majorca is certain to impress. One of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Majorca is a popular destination for its world-class resorts that can provide honeymooners with the finest amenities and spectacular beach-front views.

Choose Majorca and you can tour Roman and Moorish ruins, see the spectacular 13th century Santa Maria Cathedral, and hike the picturesque Serra de Tramuntana mountain range. That’s more than enough special memories to last a lifetime!

2. Bulgaria – Nessebar’s Ancient Beauty

Why not relax together as a newly married couple on a sunny beach one day, then tour unique buildings that have elements dating back to the 2nd millennium BC the next? Nessebar is one of Bulgaria’s towns located on the scenic Black Sea Coast, and makes a dreamy honeymoon destination.

Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Black Sea” and situated near sun-kissed beaches, The Ancient City of Nessebar has ancient buildings that are worthy of UNESCO World Heritage status. What better place to start your marriage than in a place of beauty and history?

3. Jamaica – Relax at Montego Bay

If your primary goal on your honeymoon is not lifting a finger throughout your stay, then the resorts of Montego Bay will provide you with a luxurious and relaxing experience. You’ll find plenty to do (or not do), as you enjoy this perfect stretch of surf, sand, and sun. The bay offers some of the Caribbean’s best beaches and coral reefs, and you’ll also love the exciting local cuisine and entertainment.

4. Mexico – Indulgence on the Riviera Maya

Pamper yourselves with spa and wellness centres, and delight in the pleasures of the Caribbean Sea coast. The Riviera Maya is a pristine stretch of coastline on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula and is known for its range of luxury resorts.

You’ll also find sea-life including sea turtles and coral reefs, so why not go snorkelling together for memories you’ll never forget? If you are lovers of history (as well as each other), then check out the area’s Mayan ruins. There’s the famous Chichen Itza city or the ancient walled city of Tulum, which is near to a number of luxury spa spots as well!

5. Finland – Lapland for Lovers

What could be more romantic than observing one of the most rare and wondrous natural phenomena of the world on your honeymoon? If you happen to be planning a cooler honeymoon, there are few destinations that are more unique and spectacular than Finland’s Lapland.

You can take to the slopes together at the fantastic local ski resorts, or go wandering and fall in love with the amazing alpine scenery. But for a truly special experience, you should spend a night under the skies watching the aurora borealis, or the Northern Lights. Heavenly!

Whichever of these stunning destinations you and your loved one choose to visit, you’re bound to have a honeymoon you won’t soon forget.

                      Images by Sergey Galyonkin and Chris  used under Creative Commons license.

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