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Where To Place The Feng Shui Elements In Your Home / By Rita Kueber / www.housedigest.com / Janbolat Khanat Almaty Tourism Culture & Art Office

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Where To Place The Feng Shui Elements In Your Home / By Rita Kueber / www.housedigest.com / Janbolat Khanat Almaty Tourism Culture & Art Office
Feng shui is the art and practice of arranging rooms and items within those rooms to create perfect harmony. National Geographic explains that this practice is a system rooted in Taoism, and the primary concept is the idea of chi or life energy that inhabits every living thing.
Chi is the balance between two opposing forces: dark and light, female (yin) and male (yang). Harmonious balance is achieved by skillfully placing furniture, accessories, plants, and color throughout the rooms in your house or apartment, even your office.
It’s also important not to block the flow of chi throughout the home.
Traditionally a Chinese practice, feng shui now has reached even the farthest east and west regions. As The Guardian points out, there are places in the world, such as Hong Kong, for example, where hardly anything is built without consulting a feng shui master.
That’s not so much the case in western culture, although experts in have repeatedly written in Psychology Today and other publications that interior spaces, their colors, and details impact not only our mood but our overall well-being. Consequently, any system that helps us get a handle on how to place our things and help create the calming spaces we enjoy is welcome.
Using this very basic primer, diving into it may be the best way to understand feng shui principles for your interior.
Step one, a map
The first part of placing objects using feng shui is to create a bagua, or map of the interior. For example, Feng Shui Manhattan has a step-by-step process to chart your first floor from the entrance to the furthest corners.
Then, using the bagua, the interior is separated into eight sections, each one ruling a different aspect of life from career to family, spirituality to creativity.
The elements of feng shui don’t stand alone — they are interconnected, moving around each other with a purpose, a relationship. Western beliefs point to four elements, namely water, fire, earth, and air, but the Chinese system has water, wood, fire, earth, and metal.
Not to oversimplify, but the elements flow in a circle, as One World Nations Online describes. Water gives life to wood. Wood becomes fire, which the earth absorbs. Metals are found inside the earth, and metal enriches the water. This is just one of the feng shui cycles related to seasons, astrology, personality types, and more.
Once the map is in place, remember that this is a series of suggestions or ideas. If your space doesn’t immediately match what feng shui principles prescribe, there are many ways to introduce elements, bring feng shui concepts into action, and create harmony and balance throughout the interior.
Element by element
Water represents relaxation and inspiration. You can bring this element into the room with actual water, such as table fountains or aquariums, or by using curved furniture, but Feng Shui For Real Life recommends using soothing blues in the northern area of the map, as they will bring the water element into a space.
Black is also linked to the water element and it is a great color for furniture and accessories. Think of black leather furniture or accents made from onyx.
Feng Shui Tricks indicates that the earth element shows up in colors from beige to yellow.
Earth’s meaning is reliability, being centered and balanced. Having it on your side might work best for the bagua sections related to relationships or family matters. Objects found or made from earth-centric things such as crystals, brick, sand, or rocks may enhance the strength of this element.
Better yet, consider using this element’s colors to bring balance to the room.
Metal as an element is a bit mysterious to western thinking. It is related to air and wind, but it is also associated with the earth. Its colors range from light blue and silver to gray.
Metal influences productivity and encourages simplifying and organizing per Peace.Love.FengShui, and can be placed anywhere in the home. Add anything in a round shape to bring in this element.
Mirrors are important items, especially round ones. Also, consider decorative items from lamps to photo frames in a metal finish — silver, bronze or copper.
Wood and fire elements
The wood element is represented by both green and brown.
Simple enough, just think of large tree trunks in a forest. And then think of anything that grows vertically. Consider including pillars, rectangular mirrors, or anything that seems tall in your décor. As pointed out by Luminous Spaces, wood represents growth, activity, and health, and you can introduce this element by painting a bagua map eastern wall green or light green.
But more, add plants and pots of flowers and herbs, and anything that agrees to grow there. Also, consider furniture and accent pieces made from wood.
Sometimes identified as the most powerful element, fire is represented by red and orange. Feng Shui Nexus describes the fire element as having a triangular shape.
Its direction is south, and its qualities are passion and illumination. If you want to bring energy to a space, use this fiery element literally by adding a fireplace or firepit. If that’s not possible, try adding candles instead.
Fire can also be represented by lighting — think how a wall sconce mimics a torch or how a chandelier represents a central fire or gathering place. Use the colors red and orange to ignite the space visually in the furniture, throws, or artwork.
Aim for balance
We mentioned that feng shui masters are often brought into homes to consult, but they are also regularly asked to advise on larger projects such as apartment buildings and hotels.
In the west, any destination hotel that dismisses feng shui practices does that at their peril since many Chinese-based tourists look for the harmony and balance that feng shui interiors — and exteriors — offer to guests. Boston University has an excellent overview of how this ancient practice is incorporated into the hospitality business.
This sketch also works as an excellent guide for a homeowner or apartment dweller who wants to introduce feng shui into their living space.
Feng shui is somewhat accommodating — the rules are interpreted. So when suggesting the wood element with green, for example, think beyond the basic color to include teal, olive, or chartreuse. A wall doesn’t have to be a solid color but instead could be a wallpaper with a botanical print.
A large green rug might be hard to live with year-round, so instead, bring the wood energy into the room with accents — pillows, lampshades, and window treatments in green hues. This flexibility goes for all the elements to create an interior that speaks to and welcomes you.
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How To Decorate Your Bedroom According To Your Zodiac Sign
The bedroom is where we all go for a good rest, for intimacy, or just for relaxing after a long day at work, no matter what our zodiac sign is.
But did you know that every sign has different tastes and needs when it comes to home decor? According to Astrostyle, different colors and home decor styles exude different energies, affecting each sign quite differently. For example, Cancer prefers a space that is perfect for cocooning and taking care of others, while Sagittarius might enjoy showing off items they got on their world travels. 
Our zodiac sign influences everything about us, from our personality to our relationships to even the kind of home we want to live in. Decorating for your zodiac sign is not silly; it is, in fact, an easy way to hone in on your personal style, as per House Beautiful. And the bedroom is where that unique style should shine the brightest! 
Aries needs boldness
Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, is a cardinal fire sign. According to Astrostyle, this means that they like to take action on any project that comes through their mind.
They like to be physically active, and they are very competitive. You’ll often find Aries as leaders in all areas of life and enjoy living their life at a brisk pace. In terms of home decor, Aries enjoy expressing their individuality through bold decor choices and showing off their accomplishments.
Aries enjoy all shades of red in the bedroom — an unusual choice for a room designated for rest, but a good choice for this sign. Other colors might include orange, yellow, or gold (via Daily Dream Decor). 
They might have an area dedicated to their many competitions and accomplishments just above their bed, or perhaps right across where they can see them and feel motivated every morning when they wake up. Typically, Aries enjoy a large, statement headboard to dominate the bedroom decor. 
Taurus prefers an earthy style
If you know a Taurus, you know that they are people who love earthy, natural decor. Because Venus, the goddess of beauty, rules Taurus, people born under the sign have a knack for art, beauty, and of course, decor, as per Astrostyle. Their tastes are very sensual, and they especially love to decorate with the sense of touch in mind. As a fixed earth sign, they like stability and prefer a slow and steady lifestyle.
Not afraid of hard work, Taurus relaxes by enjoying the simple things in life: food, sex, and sleep.
In the bedroom, a Taurus will focus on fabrics and other sensual pleasures. You’re most likely to find high thread-count sheets and silk pillowcases on their bed. They prefer earthy colors such as brown, green, sienna, and dark orange. According to Dengarden, Taurus will add pieces with interesting visual and tactile textures such as pottery or tapestries. Overall, the style is understated but with a big focus on comfort and sensuality. 
Gemini wants to change it up
Gemini is a flighty, curious sign with a thirst for knowledge unmatched by any other. They are information sponges, and their lives go wherever their insatiable curiosity leads them.
As a mutable air sign, they are flexible and ready to adapt to any social situation. A Gemini’s nimble, adaptable mind is its best feature. They are well-known for their social skills, their gift for talking and accumulating facts, and, as Astrostyle explains, their tendency to change their mind quite often.
Geminis make great journalists, communicators, and event organizers. 
Because their tastes change so often, Geminis are hard to pin down, decor-wise. But one thing is certain: The color yellow suits them best, according to The Spruce. 
The bright, sociable shade radiates positivity and friendship, something Gemini is really into. The heart of a Gemini’s bedroom decor will be a neutral bed, and they will change the accessories according to their mood. Another thing you’ll easily find in a Gemini’s bedroom: books, lots of them. Their bookcase might actually be their most important possession! 
Cancer desires safety
Cancer is the homebody of the zodiac. As per Astrostyle, this sign is all about the home, family, and creating safety for self and loved ones. They are nostalgic and attached to the past.
As a water sign, Cancer is mainly concerned with emotions and feelings. As a cardinal sign, they like to take action to care for the feelings of others. You’ll often find them in the kitchen cooking for a big potluck or consoling a friend in a welcoming living room. Their homes are havens of rest and safety for themselves and others.
As a water sign, Cancer is typically attracted to water and beach-related colors: blue, aqua, white, and beige. Their bedroom is their own personal haven and so is decorated with what makes them feel safe, like photos of family and loved ones. You might find signs of Cancerian nostalgia through old photos, family keepsakes, and other artifacts that have emotional importance for them, according to Daily Dream Decor.
Leo is all about luxury
The Leo motto? Me, myself, and I! But it doesn’t mean they are selfish. In fact, they are very generous with the ones they love. That being said, they love attention.
They’re always the ones to throw parties to celebrate their achievements
Even though they may seem self-centered, they are actually loyal to a fault. As a fixed Fire sign, Leo considers their home their castle, as Astrostyle describes.
Just as a king or queen, Leo loves anything gold. They will add it in small (or big) touches everywhere, including the bedroom. Like Aries, they prefer colors related to fire and the sun, and you might find a lot of sunny imagery in Leo’s decor choices, according to Dengarden. 
The bedroom will typically feature a large statement headboard, golden accents, and lots of luxurious fabrics and cushions strewn around. Comfort for His or Her Majesty is paramount, after all!
Virgo requires perfection
Would you be surprised if we said that the Virgo bedroom is likely the most organized and perfectly arranged? According to Astrostyle, Virgo is the sign known for its attention to detail and, of course, its perfectionism. A Virgo looks at all the details of an issue and has a knack for organizing information.
Because Virgo shares Mercury with Gemini as a ruler, they are mostly interested in information — but they are concerned about practical application, rather than just information for information’s sake. 
So when you walk into a Virgo bedroom, you’ll know right away due to how neat and well-arranged it is. Virgos have minimalist tastes with a preference for neutral and earthy tones to go with their earth home element, according to The Spruce. “Everything in its place” is their decoration motto. They might have a minimal headboard or none at all. Accessories will be focused on practicality and function. But even Virgo isn’t averse to a touch of softness, and as a sensual earth sign, they will love to add flowers and plants to their bedroom decor, especially since plants can do double duty as air purifiers!
Libra is all about balance
Libra, like Taurus, is ruled by the planet Venus, which means they also have a knack for art, beauty, and of course, home decor, according to Astrostyle. But unlike Taurus, their main concern is harmony and balance.
As a cardinal air sign, the Libra personality is outgoing and extroverted, interested in hearing all points of view and opinions, and concerned with maintaining peace and harmony in their homes and social circles. They are known for having difficulty making up their minds, as their views tend to be colored by what others around them think.
The typical Libra bedroom will be symmetrical as possible, and neutral enough to change it up according to their mood of the moment. Libras enjoy multi-purpose furniture, as The Spruce describes. They need their bedroom to be a haven of rest, since their minds can be overactive at times, so they should avoid big bright colors or anything too stimulating. It’s important for Libras to follow trends, but they do so with small touches rather than big elements.
Scorpio likes a little mystery
The typical Scorpio has a deep and mysterious bent that most people find fascinating. Their charisma is hard to deny, and they carry their power into their home decor as well, as per Astrostyle. Scorpios are bold, passionate, secretive, discreet, and extremely loyal to those they love.
You will find them working as investigators of all kinds, whether in academia or the police force. They like to get to the bottom of things. Just like their namesake animal, the scorpio, they are quick to sting as they believe in striking first and asking questions later, especially when they feel threatened. 
According to L’Essenziale, Scorpios are highly selective of their bedroom decor. Each piece has a purpose and a meaning. They like to make bold statements with their decor and use riskier colors like purple and black. (After all, the co-rulers of Scorpio are Mars and Pluto, war and death!)
The bedroom will be their retreat from the world and will express their desire to be comfortable and sensual, especially since Scorpio’s sign represents sexuality.
Sagittarius shows off its travels
Sagittarius, ruled by expansive and lucky Jupiter, is a sign that loves to travel and to learn about other cultures and philosophies. This is why you’ll often see mementos from their extensive travels in their home, including their bedroom, according to Astrostyle. The Sagittarius personality is flirty,
outgoing, curious, and spontaneous. You’ll often see them working in universities or travel agencies, and always looking to expand their inner and outer world at any opportunity.
The typical Sagittarius bedroom will be heavily influenced by their travels — or places they wish to travel to. You’ll often find a Sag sleeping in a boho or eclectic bedroom, as seen on Daily Dream Decor. 
Their choice of fabric and textures will be inspired by the many different cultures that fascinate them, and they will build walls filled with photos and knick-knacks that remind them of their favorite travel destinations.
As they are a fire sign, they prefer bold statement colors for their bedroom.
Capricorn is focused on success
Although a highrise view isn’t always possible, a Capricorn’s bedroom will always reflect their desire for worldly success in one way or another, as described on Astrostyle.
Capricorns are a cardinal earth sign focusing on their ambitions, material wealth, and comfort. They have a strong and steady personality and love things that add structure to their lives, including decor.
Capricorns make excellent business people and managers, as well as architects and other professions focused on the structure of things. 
The typical Capricorn bedroom will reflect these concerns.
They will live according to their means, which are often quite large. But, as per 21Oak, their focus will be on functionality and comfort first, and design aesthetics second — not that they don’t have artistic tastes, but they prefer things to be practical first and beautiful second. In the bedroom, this means that every piece has a purpose.
There will be no superfluous chairs or cushions. They will also enjoy showing off their personal and professional accomplishments, making them a bit like Aries that way. As an earth sign, they are attracted to earthy and neutral colors. 
Aquarius looks to the future
Aquarius is the future-oriented sign of the zodiac. Ruled by Uranus, the master of surprises, electricity, and electronics, you won’t find anything antique or nostalgic in an Aquarius home, according to Astrostyle. 
People born under the sign of Aquarius are intellectually curious and social (like all air signs), but they’re also very individualistic and self-reliant. You are more likely to find a decor style that is ultra-modern and trendy in an Aquarius’ home than any other.
Color-wise, Aquarius prefers natural tones with bits of yellow — like other air signs, they appreciate yellow for its bright and optimistic qualities.
And Aquarius might be the most optimistic of signs! According to Living Spaces, Aquarius might also enjoy blue and everything tied to the ocean because of their other name, the Water Bearer. Overall, the Aquarius style is sleek and modern, with plenty of places to plug in their many devices. They probably have the hippest and most contemporary style due to their ability to pick up on future trends before anyone else. 
Pisces likes it dreamy and zen
The Pisces bedroom reflects its spiritual orientation. As the most emotional sign, they need a place to recharge their batteries and rest after a long day helping people around them, as per Astrostyle. Pisces are gentle, sensitive, emotionally aware, and generous with their time and energy.
They are often found helping at the local animal shelter or soup kitchen. They are also the best dancers of the zodiac, as their sign rules the ankles and feet.
According to HGTV, you will often find Pisces’ bedrooms filled with artwork reflecting their friends and community, whom they support wholeheartedly. Colors can range from neutral beiges to remind them of a Zen garden to royal blues to reflect their water sign. They are not overly ostentatious and prefer more understated styles, as long as they can comfortably meditate and reflect on their emotions. Pisces often have a little meditation altar tucked away in the corner of their bedroom, too.
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