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Indonesia Beach Guide: Nusa Penida Island (+secret spots) By Dewildesalhab.com / Travel Exclusive News

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Nusa Penida has become one of the most popular places to visit in Indonesia as the island is located on the southeast of mainland Bali. The beaches of this island all seem to be situated near mythical cliffs, wondrous hikes, luscious greenery, and more importantly: they contain the bluest most sensational waters in all of the country.

The island is still rather new on the radar, hence it’s the perfect destination for an off-the-beaten-path track, especially if you’d like to escape the crowds of populated Bali.

In my opinion, this place is created for the adventure inclined, so if you generally prefer relaxation, staying in Bali might be a safer bet.

This list will include all of the beaches (beach=pantai) in Nusa Penida, as long as they are humanly accessible, from the most popular Instagrammable ones to some that are currently completely unknown with difficult Geotag locations to find on Google Maps.

Some are stupendous in their beauty and will leave you speechless, others just look like any other average beach would. Always keep in mind the tides during which I recommend your visit, otherwise, your experience might get ruined -sometimes during high tides, some of them get completely covered, or the ocean gets rough and impossible to swim in.

If there are suggestions of swimming with Manta Rays, keep in mind that the Manta ray season is generally from July to September.

When it comes to fees, I have not included them if they are less than 1$, the majority of the beaches are public but Indonesians might ask you for an entrance fee which is usually 0.69$ or a parking fee which is usually 0.35$.

Also, it is important to note that Indonesia has a littering problem, so try to always bring a trash bag with you if you’re visiting any of the beaches as to not add to this issue. Finally, since the island is new, the roads are pretty bad, always be safe when driving a motorcycle! And most importantly: Enjoy.

*There’s a map at the end of this list, you can download it as it features all the places mentioned, this way you can see which ones are near each other in case you’re planning to visit several beaches in one day.


Still a relatively secret spot on the island, chances are you won’t encounter anyone on this beach.

There’s a dirt trail which brings you as close as possible to the spot, then you’ll need to go down a steep cliff for about a 5 minutes walk. Locals recommend you go during low tide as water gives way to small inlets in the crevices, where you can float around in the perfect turquoise sea that surrounds the area.

There’s also a deep 45 meters cave there which is more accessible during low tide, but since water is only ankle deep even during high tide, it won’t matter much.

Lumangan Beach is located near a lot of well-known diving points such as the Manta point where you can casually swim around with Manta Rays, so if you’re looking for some snorkeling or diving fun, it’s also a great spot to start from.


The glistening white sandy shore of Diamond Beach makes it an unmissable destination. Locals have carved a staircase to the bottom of the beach and now you can get there fairly easily by taking the stairs down from the parking lot.

The heavenly scenery and light cobalt blue waters are worth the slightly risky walk down the rocky staircase on the side of the cliff.

There are two areas in Diamond Beach, Nusa Penida: one with a rocky shore covered in moss, but unfortunately it is not very clean, and another area with shiny white sand, small caves, and lush coconut palm trees that cast shadows on the shore, ideal for swimming and exploring.

There’s a tiny shop owned by a woman selling affordable drinks and street food for refreshments which also make the beach very convenient.

The same woman also charges for a couple of very Insta-worthy attractions: an awesome swing that overlooks the entire beach, and two cool nests.

You do not want to miss out on these two picturesque activities, regardless of whether you want to post the pictures on Instagram, there’s always something thrilling about swinging into the blue abyss from a high cliff point.

One of the best things about Diamond Beach is that it is not crawling with tourists as it isn’t as known as other very popular spots like Kelingking beach. It is not a go-to destination if you’re just looking for some relaxation, but the hike there is definitely worth the breathtaking view.


Atuh beach is located on the opposite of Diamond beach. If you’re going there using google maps make sure to follow the location to the beach and not the cliff as the cliff is actually located on the other beach.

Sandy Atuh beach is surrounded by deep blue waters and a stiletto shaped islet, you’ll need to walk down quite a few steep steps to arrive at the shore but it’s an easy walk and only takes around 10 minutes.

The name means “Hidden Beach” which alludes to the difficulty of spotting it since it’s shielded by high cliffs and rock formations and all directions.

 If you’re able to wake up early, try to come as the sun rises since it usually rises through the gorgeous arch perched on its islet which gives way to an outstanding sight.

Apart from the typical beachside activities like soaking up the sun, diving, or snorkeling, some people enjoy jumping from the arched cliff, but beware as there are only a few spots with significant safe depths, the others are too shallow.

Atuh beach is beautiful at both high and low tides, but if you don’t enjoy the sight of rocky beaches, come during high tide as the water swallows up the rocks and leaves you with only sand.

You can buy coconuts and a few Indonesian meals and snacks (and beers!), as well as rent chairs and umbrellas for a few dollars from vendors on the beach.

Atuh Beach is a fairly popular beach so expect people around. 


Crystal Bay gets its name from its stunning crystal-clear waters. The road on the way there is relatively in good condition with gorgeous palm trees, paving the way on both sides.

The area is buzzing with tourists – as it’s a relatively easy beach to get to – with little bars and stalls selling snacks and drinks, you can also rent chairs and beanbags or an umbrella for a small fee.

Crystal beach is a go-to snorkeling and diving spot.

It is full of ocean animals; in the water and inland: breathtaking coral reefs, crabs, shrimps, cuttlefish, and if you’re lucky, you’ll even get to see turtles, so make sure to bring your snorkeling gear.

During the months between July and September, you might experience diving with the huge -and a bit scary looking- but graceful Sunfish.

Crystal Beach also has its own islet which actually contains a small Hindu temple, so access to it is restricted as it’s considered a holy site. (There’s also another Hindu Temple on the main beach).


Pantai Banana is a pretty white sandy beach in Nusa Penida. It is nestled between Crystal Bay Beach and Gamat Beach.

You can only get there by boat since it’s extremely hard to get to, and due to the difficulty of reaching it, it is considered truly secluded and you will most probably have the whole beach just to yourself. 

If you google search Pantai Banana on google, you’ll only get a hit or two since it’s not a known spot, so make sure to orient yourself to the correct beach using the provided map.


Batu Siha is one of the most remote beaches on Nusa Penida! Getting there is an adventure in itself! As you follow it the map location, the trail eventually comes to an end and you’ll end up hiking along a river, climbing down some steep cliffs, and even pass a couple of old Hindu temples on your way.

It’s a tough and exhausting hike, so start early and be sure to stock up on water.

The view along the walk is stunning as waves crash on the bare shores below, surrounded by a sea of greenery.

After the tiresome hike, you will be greeted by a spectacular and breathtaking panorama: a small stretch of glistening white sand and big rock formations on one side and a rockier beach on the other, both strips are separated by a diamond-shaped and a bit pointy, it looks kind of similar to the peculiar rock at Diamond Beach.

If you want to make sure you’re orienting yourself to the sandy beach, make sure you’re walking along the direction closer to the ‘‘Juwet Batan Kendal’ pin on the map.

The ocean water is pristine and devoid of any trash, and the place itself bears no marks of any human activities (including humans themselves since this is quite an isolated area). I advise you to visit during low tide to enjoy this experience to the maximum as the high tide almost makes the beach disappear.


A small gravel coast right next to Kelingking Beach, Pantai Bulian is a great snorkeling spot due to the exceptionally clear waters it hosts.

Make sure to bring your snorkeling gear as you might get lucky enough to swim with manta rays in either the early morning or evening around 4 pm; that’s when they sail into the lagoon close enough for you to see them.

The small shore is surrounded by high cliffs and hills covered in huge trees, a beautiful sight but quite a hassle to reach.

You can jump into the water from some of these cliffs, but make sure to bring a good pair of shoes as even the shore is constituted of rocks and 


Kelingking or T-Rex Beach got its name from the peculiar shape of the rock formation next to it which resembles a dinosaur.

Most tourists who visit are simply there to stare in awe at the natural shape of this landscape and the impressive flawless turquoise waters that surround it and take a picture or two.

If you’re feeling wild, you can trek down to the beach, but this is considered a really tough hike. It consists of going down a 400 meters narrow cliff ridge, which will take you about 800 uneven and often very slippery muddy steps; so, do not forget your hiking shoes, sunscreen, and a water bottle.

The walk down to the beach takes around an hour and is secured with bamboo rails, try to take your pictures on your way down as you won’t look so good when you land on the beach.

Kelingking beach cliff point is the most renowned view in Nusa Penida, and probably one of the most famous views in all of Bali, but due to the nature of the hike, not a lot of tourists actually go down to the beach, so it’s not as crowded as you’d expect.

The beach itself is very clean with white glistening sand and insanely huge and strong waves: being a shore-break beach, do not attempt to swim in the water if you’re not a great swimmer as you might exhaust yourself and you’d still have a way up to go.

Also, don’t forget to bring money because there is a small kiosk down there, and you will need to fuel up!


Sebele Beach is the ideal place for adventurers who love snorkeling, the road is horrible by bike, and even on foot it is difficult to access, but the ocean is very interesting.

It’s not a touristy beach at all, and the shore is covered with gravel with small spots of black sands scattered around and the beach is a little dirty with plastic and trash laying around, so it’s not the greatest beach to relax by in Nusa Penida, but the ocean fauna is very beautiful; there are several colorful fish and lush corals, ideal for snorkeling.

The current is strong most of the time, so swimming there is also not for the inexperienced. Do not forget your full gear, including your fins, to avoid being quickly exhausted


Gamat Bay is known for its black sand revealed at low tide, and its stunning snorkeling underwater views.

Getting there is a bit of a struggle due to the steep and slippery steps that bring you down to the beach, but on a positive note: You will most likely be alone due to the difficulty of reaching this place.

The richness of the fauna and flora of this place is truly exceptional; as you take a dip in the water, you will be greeted by a variety of colorful and rare reef fish, nudibranchs, corals stretching up to 50 meters, and even turtles if you’re lucky; ideal for spectacular photographs if you have a waterproof camera.

The water is glistening turquoise, mostly calm, and the beach is full of small crevices and caves which adds to a feeling of adventure. Do not forget your full snorkeling gear, especially your fins, sometimes the current can be rough and you do not want to miss out on the stunning underwater view.

Another option would be to take a boat tour for snorkeling instead of approaching the water by land.


Tembeling Beach is a little sanctuary that you’ll find tucked away at the end of a motorbike road through the lush jungle-forest of Nusa Penida.

As you follow the directions towards the beach, you will pass by a spiral stairway which will lead you to two natural pools of vivid waters of a soft colored blue tinged with green, which mind reminds you of Cenotes if you’ve ever been to Mexico.

One of them is referred to as the blue lagoon, and the other is often compared to a Jacuzzi. There are several statues and fountains around this area all used for water rituals.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous. you can also jump from the cliff into the big pool; there are 2 cliff jumping spots one is 3 meters high and the other is 5 meters.

There are also a couple of small water taps under which you can take a quick shower, specifically if you’re coming from the beach into the pool as locals don’t want to contaminate the pool with saltwater.

As for the beach itself, it’s preferable not to swim in the ocean as the waves can get violent, but you can enjoy the view as it’s a magnificent one. Next to the sandy beach, you’ll find a cave recognizable by hundreds of rocks piled on top of each other – be careful not to knock them down.

Tembeling beach, natural pool, and forest are located in a rather isolated


Puyung Beach is a must-see as it is one of the still unpopular places in Nusa Penida, so you will not find many tourists there and will probably be alone on this magnificent beach.

It’s a beautiful spot with everything you’d expect from a beach situated on an island next to Bali: crystalline waters, long palm trees, soft sands, and a carefree atmosphere.

The current can sometimes, however, get too rough for you to swim in relaxation, so this is a place more suitable for enjoying the sun under the palm trees.

There’s a secret path that will lead you there from the bike track to Pasih Andus, a 300 meters footpath from the main road will get you to the beach.

The path is steep and slippery and gets worse as you approach the beach, so don’t forget your hiking shoes.

The beach also hosts plenty of coral and beautiful, colorful fish, do not miss out on snorkeling, but make sure to not overtire yourself. Like all hard-to-get-to beaches in Nusa Penida, this one is mostly devoid of any people.


Suwehan Beach is one of the most remote and secluded beaches in Nusa Penida. Almost undisturbed by tourists, this beach offers spectacular beauty, from pristine turquoise water, high towering cliffs, to glistening white powdery sands.

It is also characterized by a large stone called the Jineng Stone shaped like a sharp spear that stands upright in the middle of the beach. The place is extremely difficult to access; which is why it is still pretty intact.

There were originally 342 steps to get you down there, but the staircase was destroyed by a hurricane, the villagers then created a makeshift staircase, but it is pretty sketchy one which dissuades a lot of people from using it.

If you are not faint-hearted, it should take you around 20 minutes down, which constitutes of you climbing down steep, scary steps and even lowering yourself down with some ropes (fun!).

The view and pristine beach are worth the exhausting and adrenaline-fueled hike to get there but be careful not to visit during high tide because the shore will be completely engulfed in water and inaccessible.


Pandan Beach is just a little hike away from Crystal Bay. If you’re already there, you will enjoy taking the staircase to Pandan Beach, it will take you approximately 15 to 20 minutes, it is worth a visit because it is not flooded with tourists.

Once you get there, you will be greeted with fine white and black sand and some rock formations scattered around. It is better to visit during high tide because the water engulfs the rocks and the overall atmosphere looks most pleasant.

The current is strong, and waves come crashing on the shore so it’s not the ideal beach for snorkeling. This is the perfect place to unwind and relax after the hustle and bustle at Crystal beach and there’s also a cute swing next to the sand facing the ocean, ideal for taking Instagrammable pictures. I wouldn’t go out of my way to visit this place, but if you’re in Crystal Bay, you might as well.


These beaches are all interconnected, they’re like a long stretch of beaches along the coast of Nusa Penida, and they more or less all face the island of Bali. Each beach has a character, though, and a distinct feature making it special.

Overall, the water is mostly crystal clear and very picturesque. Some beaches are crowded with many bars and piers and tour boats docking and sailing away, others are deserted.

They’re all also some private beach clubs scattered here and there if you poke around on Google maps. Notably, Kutampi beach has a lovely view of Mount Agung, the volcano in Bali. If you’re looking for a beach to relax by, the ones with piers might not be adequate for a chill atmosphere as they are flooded with people.


Pantai Kowana is a stunningly bare and untouched beach and is only accessible by boat for now.

This beach has towering rock formations and bright dazzling waters and is located next to the manta rays spot, so some of them tend to swim around it too.

The inhabitants of Nusa Penida are currently building an access to the coast from the cliffs, but this is still ongoing as of date (2020), you can opt to either access it from the shore (but be careful as the waves are a bit aggressive) or enjoy the view from the Korawa Beach lookout.

Make sure to visit during low tide as the beach strip gets completely inundated at high tide.


Rahwana beach is ideal for some intimate and romantic time as it is completely isolated and unknown to the general population.

This beach impossible to reach on foot, but you can get there by boat. It is the perfect little slice of paradise tucked away between green mountains and surrounded by a stretch of quiet clear blue waters and soft sand.

The waves are also usually calm which makes it ideal for a quick swim. It is better to visit at low tide so you can chill on the long stretch of sand.


The story of Broken Beach (Pasih Uug) is really interesting: local legend has it that there was a stray cow who roamed around and nobody knew who it belonged to; after a while, the villagers decided to slaughter the cow and eat it.

When that happened, a small child arrived looking for its lost farm animal, the villagers, however, pretended not to know anything about it. To find the truth, the child placed a stick on the ground where the villagers usually cooked and told the villagers they’ll only be able to remove it if they were telling the truth.

All of them tried but failed, the child then removed the stick ultimately causing an earthquake, killing everyone in the village. Some people were fishing and working at the market far from that area, they survived and have transmitted this story for generations.

As for Broken Beach itself, it is a gorgeous little bay on Nusa Penida island. The other popular reason with tourists as to why it is called Broken Beach is because of the arch that wraps around the bay allowing water to flow in and out from the ocean.

This is one of the places that truly leave you in awe of mother nature and how beautiful landscapes are formed throughout the years. Unfortunately, the water is inaccessible from the cove, but you can get to it by boat.

If you do that, make sure to visit during low tides to be able to access the beach strip, and take into consideration that this is a hot tourist spot, so there might be a lot of people staring at you from the top.

You might also see stingrays or dolphins in the early morning as the area is a popular diving site. The main attraction here is to admire the beauty of the bay.


Mata Air Guyangan is the pool that accumulates from the waterfall originating from the Guyangan, a natural spring.

It is located in Banjar Guyangan Batukandik village, 25 kilometers from the Nusa Penida port. You need to take around 700 steps down a 150-meter path, which should take you 20 minutes going down and 30 minutes going up.

It is quite challenging, but the scenery as you descend is awe-inspiring and worth every step.

There are several small pools at the bottom in which you can take a dip and take in the view of the large ocean.

There’s also a temple perched on an exposed cliff that’s worth a visit; do not forget to bring a lengthy fabric with you to wrap around your waist to be allowed inside.

Angel’s Billabong is a truly magical spot that you can’t help but be impressed with. The clear water composed of different hues of blues exposes gorgeous patterns and textures underneath the surface.
It is a very rare landscape which makes it quite picturesque, in consequence, this spot is a tourist magnet and tends to get incredibly crowded as people even sometimes line up in a file to take a picture in the pool.
Try to go there as early as low tides allow it: the high tide takes away some of the eeriness of this spot. This site is close to the Manta Ray viewpoint, and some people have reported seeing them cruise around in the ocean beneath them, so try your luck.


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