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10 Top Destinations for Luxury Travel / Luxurytravelmagazine / By Jannifer Bar / New York

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10 Top Destinations for Luxury Travel / Luxurytravelmagazine / By Jannifer Bar / New York

10 Top Destinations for Luxury Travel

Budget holiday destinations are easy to come by, but where do you go if you want something really special and high-end? These ten top luxury travel destinations are sure to get your holiday planning gears turning.

  1. The Seychelles

When you plan a luxury vacation, Seychelles is sure to pop up on your search for luxury places to visit. It has it all, an exquisite rainforest that is home to a variety of wildlife, brilliant blue water, and white sand beaches. Just looking at images of this breathtaking destination will put you in vacation mode. One of the best ways to see this paradise is by taking a boat ride around the island.
  1. Mauritius

It’s summer all year round at this stunning luxury destination and holidaymakers love every bit of it. Mauritius offers something for everyone, starting with self-catering apartments all the way to all-inclusive luxury Villas. The island is the perfect backdrop for any vacation and offers a variety of different cuisines, water sports, and jungle adventures, not to mention the variety of different golf courses to choose from.
  1. The Maldives

Beautiful cabanas, seemingly floating on top of crystal-clear water is the epitome of luxury destinations. So, if this is what you are searching for, then The Maldives is where you are going to find it. Not only do the private villas make you feel like royalty, but the food is bound to make you feel like a King.
  1. St. Lucia

This picturesque island in the east of the Caribbean offers a variety of different vacation options. If luxury is selling point, then you will not be disappointed by numerous luxury establishments on this island. The quality infrastructure, coupled with the natural surroundings makes for a luxurious experience from start to end.
  1. Tokyo

With the rising popularity of Japanese entertainment such as Anime, it is fast becoming a student bucket list destination. With the ease of leaving your assignments with an essay editor, students can now travel without the added stress of their studies. But Tokyo doesn’t just appeal to students; the high quality of their tourism offerings also appeal to business travelers and luxury vacation seekers.
  1. Paris

Officially, Paris is the city of lights, but for holidaymakers, it is the city of love, food, wine, and fashion. The luxury is in the rich cultural adventure that you embark on from the moment you are in the city. The experience is different from that of an island getaway in that here the ceilings are high, the finishing is golden and the doorman greets you in a fancy French accent.
  1. London

The historical city of London is rich in architecture, history and urban luxury. Most of the hotels here have been running for decades, so they know how to offer luxury amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy city. The top three and most famous hotels in England are all found in London and they excel in making every guest feel as Royal as the Queen herself.
  1. New York

Another of our urban luxury destinations is New York City, also known as the city that never sleeps. This city is not just the home of some of the world’s most grand hotels, but it also houses every high-end boutique and luxury new wave spa and beauty center that you can think of. Between the shopping, the restaurants, and the museums you will look forward to ending each day at any one of the fine hotels in the city.
  1. Grenada

The grandeur of this destination is out of this world and that isn’t even exaggerating. Grenada is home to a triple-A, five diamond rated resort that complements the white sand beaches and pristine blue waters. The luxury comes in when you can walk straight from your high-class suite, straight onto the beach, feeling like you own the whole place.
  1. Amsterdam

The double-sided tourist destination appeals to the young adventurers as well as the luxury seekers. Amsterdam offers it all and then some, especially when it comes to entertaining its visitors from all walks of life. Holidaymakers will never run short of things to do and see no matter what their holiday expectations are.

In Conclusion

Luxury can be found in many different forms at all corners of the world. It all depends on what you regard as a luxury getaway. Be it a rich cultural experience in London, or feeling like the owner of an island in St. Lucia, luxury is just a booking away. And with great online support, it is never too early or too late to start traveling.

Elizabeth Skinner is a traveler by heart. She started traveling while in the university and has so far traveled to more than 75 countries.

Her blog and YouTube channel regularly share insights into traveling as a student on limited budget. When she’s back home, she relaxes by reading motivational books, practicing meditation and of course, planning her next trip.

Image credit: Constance Ephelia Seychelles

10 Top Destinations for Luxury Travel / Luxurytravelmagazine / By Jannifer Bar / New York

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