Maldives Honeymoon Guide..


No matter the purpose, honeymoon in Maldives or romantic tour to the wonderful ambience of Maldives, there are plenty of guidance and information available which makes it easier to search out the finest resorts and look forward for a wonderful time ahead. Now there must be few questions which trouble you before you can finally decide on whether to conclude that this is the perfect place for your sweet beginning of a pleasant married life.

With so many resorts available how to choose the one with excellent services?

Almost all resorts in Maldives are excellent in matters of luxury, fine dining and ultimate hospitality for a grandiose honeymoon tour. It has all the scenic excellence including the white sandy beaches, the turquoise lagoons, crystal clear waters rippling through and coral reefs teaming up with abundant marine flora and fauna that makes it apt location for a perfect Maldives honeymoon.

Is the resort budget friendly?

To be honest, not always. In comparison to other places, resorts in Main Maldives are quite high on the budget, but if compared with the outstanding experience of Maldives honeymoon, it is absolutely worth it.

Brief information about the resorts in Maldives

Though there is vast availability of resorts in Maldives starting from 3 star rated accommodations to 5 star rated hotels. But if the visit to Maldives is for honeymoon then it is best to look for at least 4 star rated resorts. A few good places include Reethi Beach Resort, Kuramathi Island Resort, Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma, and others. The 5 star rated accommodation resorts in Maldives is an excellent choice for honeymoon travelers. The facilities are of ultimate luxury keeping in mind the comfort of visitors. Apart from this there are premium resorts too which have excellent services and facilities that vows to make your Maldives honeymoon a memorable holiday. To name a few such resorts, Niyama Maldives, Constance Moofushi, Baros Maldives and others.

How to enjoy your honeymoon in Maldives?

A luscious dinner date in the tranquilizing ambience with the night sky illuminated by stars shinning, or a quick gateway to the nearby isolated islands or just relaxing in the private villa beside the swimming pool or enjoying a spa session while listening the soft buzzle of azure waters ahead. These are few alluring ways to spend yourMaldives honeymoon with your partner.  Apart from this, there’s always an option of a romantic getaway on a boat ride seeing the sunset above the indigo waters and then sailing through the night enjoying little adventures with your partner, like night fishing making it more memorable with each passing day. Diving and swimming around the house of reefs can be real fun.Overall the scenic excellence and the wonderful arrangements from the resorts together makes a vow to make wedding in Maldives or honeymoon there, a memorable affair.

Why Maldives attract honeymooners across the world!

Lavish sceneries, exotic beaches, warm accommodations & extraordinary underwater beauty have made Maldives the synonym of top honeymoon destination. The Maldives island offers uninterrupted views of the breath taking landscapes. Honeymooners who are in search of privacy, peace & tranquility usually choose Maldives as their favorite destination. Honeymooners have the plenty of options including scuba diving, snorkeling, water sports etc. You could enjoy complete privacy & intimacy with spectacular sunsets & soothing atmosphere. For accommodation, Honeymooners could opt for all-inclusive Maldives honeymoon packages & wedding packages. Candle light dinners, flower decorated rooms & champagne could also be available on your demand. Beautiful Maldives offers romantic memories that last forever!

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