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Hotel Introduction

Sparkling sapphire waters, emerald green grass, and topaz blue skies are the jewels of Mykonos. On a private peninsula overlooking the Mediterranean and the magnificent Bay of Ornos, Santa Marina Resort& Villas is the ultimate resort in pristine white, traditional Cycladic architecture. The romantic setting is accentuated with luxurious accommodations and a wealth of facilities to pamper every guest.

For the ultimate in services while avoiding the hassles of conventional traveling, we may arrange a luxury jet transfer from your origin destination airport directly to Mykonos with our brand new private jet, Citation CJ2. Alternatively we can arrange a memorable journey above the deep blue sea and rocky islands of Cyclades with our helicopter, from Athens or any Greek origin, directly on our helipad in less than an hour.

Hotel Location

Mykonos is easily accessible by air from Athens (flight duration: 30 minutes). There are several daily flights from/to Athens and other parts of Greece depending on the time of the year. Mykonos new airport (airport code: JMK) can accept jetliners, thus enabling direct flights from many European countries. Mykonos may also be reached by rich variaty of hydrofoil and ferryboats from the ports of Rufina and Piraeus (Athens port). Ferry sailing times are 6 and 6 hours respectively. Hydrofoils however provide faster service of 2 to 3 hours respectively.


Luxury is our goal and we have 97 guest rooms, suites, and villas with private pool that offer just this for every guest. Each of our accommodations are furnished with a classic, island charm of beautiful colors that are complemented by panoramic seaviews from the balconies.
We offer luxurious suites that offer a sitting room either in the same area as the bedroom (Classic Suites) or in a separate area (Deluxe Suites). Our sophisticated Deluxe Suite with private pool will offer you the ultimate luxurious retreat. Two connecting Classic Suites and our Two Bedroom Suite are ideal for families.
We take great pride in our selection of seven exclusive villas with pool that offer privacy and security, just a short walk from the main facilities and our private beach. Our 2-Bedroom, 3-Bedroom, 4-Bedroom, and Presidential villas are sure to offer the ultimate in satisfaction. All come complete with private pool, sitting area, each bedroom with own bathroom, fully equipped kitchen, modern and elegant furnishings, technology, lounging terrace and garden beside the pool, luxurious amenities, and panoramic sea views.

Restaurants & Lounges

Sit back with your favorite icy drink, while gazing out across the sparkling blue sea. Enjoy a buffet breakfast in the morning or a delicious meal in the afternoon. You?ll find our pool restaurants and bars perfect for every occasion, all day long. If you desire seclusion, enjoy a swim in the crystal blue sea or lounge at our private beach and refresh yourself at our beach bar that offers the finest barbeque cuisine. No romantic holiday is complete without a gourmet dinner of the highest class and quality. Our Marine Club Restaurant& Bar provides a table with an extraordinary seaview and an unforgettable array of Mediterranean and seafood dishes. Enjoy the elegant atmosphere and sophisticated service by our staff who will cater to all of your desires. Gather together for a drink in our Lobby Bar or stand out on our reception veranda for a sunset drink. No day is complete without witnessing the Mykonos sunset.

Pool Bar: Cuisine – Mediterranean, Setting: Relaxed, Open: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Marine Club Bar – Sea View, Cuisine: Mediterranean, Setting: Romantic, open: 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM
Lobby Bar (Drinks Only) – Sea View, Setting: Romantic, open: 11:00AM – 11:00 PM
Beach Bar & Barbecue (Seasonal) – Sea View, Cuisine: Barbeque, Setting: Beachside, open: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Marine Club Restaurant – Atmosphere: Sea View, Cuisine: Mediterranean, Setting: Gourmet, open: 8:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Pool Restaurant – Cuisine: Mediterranean, Setting: Casual, open: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM

Leisure & Recreation

The sacred island of Delos was, in the myths, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. Today the island is uninhabited: it is a vast archaeological site whose superb monuments draw thousands of visitors in pilgrimage to what was, for a thousand years or so after the 9th century BC, the political and religious center of the Aegean. Now the houses, temples, statues and pathways are there to remind us the wonders of that civilization. There is also a museum with sculptures of the Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods, together with a collection of vases from various periods. The experience of seeing a glimpse of the ancient civilization is well worth it!

This is the ultimate boat for those wishing to experience the adrenaline rush of high speed cruising in complete comfort. The two staterooms include en-suite facilities and the salon has a spacious sitting and dining area. There is also outdoor dining table and comfortable spacious lounge area. Santa Marina private yacht is an ideal way to explore the beautiful beaches and islands nearby.

Enjoy an unforgettable flight with Santa Marina’s Eurocopter Colibri E20:
Accommodates 4 passengers (not including pilot)
Maximum 70 kg of luggage weight (no bulky of odd shaped luggage allowed)
Fly anywhere in Greece
Rates for 2005:
Athens Airport to Santa Marina (60 min): 2000 EUR
Santa Marina to Santorini (45 min): 1700 EUR
Santa Marina to Paros (30 min): 1100 EUR
Santa Marina to Crete / Elounda (75 min): 2500 EUR
Santa Marina to Naxos (30 min): 1100 EUR
Santorini to Athens Airport (90 min): 3000 EUR
*There is an additional charge of 350 EUR (airport & passenger fees) for the flights to Athens Airport

Santa Marina Resort & Villas provides an exclusive private air service for its valued guests. You may wish to avoid delays in any European airport and charter instead our private jet to fly you to the island in the most efficient, safe and sophisticated way. Citation CJ2+ accommodates upto 7 passengers and can travel with the latest technology in the best of comfort and speed to any European destination.

Our aircraft is meticulously maintained and managed by Interjet, Greece’s largest business air operator, who is also in charge for meeting you and assisting you to board on any of our private aircraft while you are in Athens Airport.
We will be happy to provide you with further information should you wish to travel in style, luxury and with all the conveniences that private transport provides.


Enjoy the backdrop of sea and sky that Santa Marina Hotel& Resort provides for all of your events or meetings. Our professional staff and modern audiovisual equipment combined with two conference centers are sure to make any event successful. Catering can also be provided by our pool or Marine Club Restaurants. Our conference centers can accommodate up to 250 persons. The largest of the two centers is 250 square meters and offers food and beverage facilities, convenient restroom facilities, exhibit facilities, and upon request, we can organize an office for the meeting planner and a separate registration area. Our small conference center is 70 square meters and canoffer the same accommodations as our larger conference center. Both centers can be combined to make a total of 320 square meters to accommodate larger groups.

  • Number of Meeting Rooms: 2
  • Largest Meeting Room: 2691 sq. ft.
  • Largest Meeting Room Seats: 200
  • Smallest Meeting Room: 754 sq. ft.
  • Smallest Meeting Room Seats: 50
  • Meeting and Event Facilities
  • Conference Center on Site
  • Outdoor Function Space
  • Audio Visual Equipment


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Tripoki Hakkında:

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Tripoki says…

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