Dolce Vita Welcomes Michelin Star Chef Nacho Manzano…By Janbolat Khanat

One of Spain’s most celebrated chefs, Chef Manzano hails from Asturias, a mountainous region by the sea. At the age of 22, Chef Manzano took on the responsibility of managing his parents’ former bar, Casa Marcial, which was awarded two Michelin stars in 2009.

Following which, Chef Manzano successfully achieved another Michelin star for his urban Restaurant La Salgar in Gijón. A firm believer in using established cooking techniques, Chef Manzano showcases modern interpretations of traditional classics, borne out of his respect for Spanish culinary provenance.

Be in for a spectacular culinary experience as Chef Manzano showcases his selection of signature dishes, such as ham croquette, rooster’s crest and lichen, creamy sea urchin topped with aromatic hollandaise sauce, as well as fava beans with cockles, accompanied with chicken and dashi broth, followed by hake salad, featuring dried roe in hollandaise sauce, and succulent marinated pigeon, paired with seaweed, Kalamata emulsion, marshland herbs and sardine cream.

Finally, the menu ends with an interesting celery pannacotta, served alongside fennel slush, apple soup and seaweed.

Guests are also invited to enhance the dining experience with a special hotel offer, priced from SGD 900 per night, including well-appointed accommodation, daily breakfast buffet, delectable ten-course gastronomy dinner, as well as an exclusive opportunity to meet the chef and receive a personalised keepsake with his autograph.

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