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The Mediterranean area has a certain vibe that makes it so alluring and attractive to visitors from all over the world. If you really want the Mediterranean experience, you have to do more than just stop in one or two places.

There are some places that need to be seen, felt, and visited that you can’t miss if you want to say you’ve seen the best of the area. Instead of taking a trip to just one Mediterranean country, see if you can find a way to stop by what are arguably the best spots along the Mediterranean coastline during this year’s vacation.


The Mediterranean stretches to hit three continents in all—Europe, Asia, and Africa—and each of these places holds a whole world of adventure in itself. Starting with Europe, though, what are the best Mediterranean spots that you absolutely can’t miss?

  • Gibraltar. This destination can act as your initiation into the true Mediterranean experience, as it’s a kind of portal into the sea as a whole. The rock formation is unforgettable.
  • The Greek Islands. There are a multitude of islands with wonderful terrain and rich cuisine varying slightly between each one. Catch them all.
  • Sicily. In Sicily, you get the culture of Italy with a twist. The food, the culture, the experiences will all be incredible and just a bit different from what mainland Italy might offer.


A trip to Africa will always be an adventure, but especially along the Mediterranean coast. Some of the best spots along the African coastline include:

  • Alexandria. This city is a hub of Egyptian culture, certainly not something you experience every day.
  • Tunis. The capital of Tunisia offers you a great look at a cross section of what the culture of the country is like.


Finally, the Mediterranean portion of Asia might not be one that everyone first thinks to visit, but these areas are just as enchanting as any of the ones mentioned above, just with their own unique style. Don’t miss:

  • Rosh Haniqra. This is one of Israel’s prime landmarks, featuring incredible white rock formations and breathtaking beaches.
  •  The Turkey Coast. The country of Turkey as a whole is fascinating, and visiting the coastline there will offer you the chance to see the inhabitants at work. Besides that, the scenery, the food, and the culture are not to be missed.

You can take a cruise, plan a series of flights, take a road trip, or even go by train between most or all of these places. If you’re going to be taking a vacation, you might as well make it truly the best one of your life, enabling yourself to cross all of these gorgeous and interesting  destinations off of your bucket list at once.

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