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Luxury Cruise Ships You Must Vacation on at Least once…


The Brilliance of the Seas ship will show the world as you’ve never seen it before. Nearly half of the vessel is made of glass, which means not only you can see the destination, but you will feel part of it. The glass elevators offer a wonderful ocean view, along with hundreds of cabins with balconies. You can visit exotic destinations without leaving the ship: an Indian themed pool, where you can admire waterfalls and huge stone elephants, a climbing wall at 61 meters above the ocean, barbeques, Italian restaurants and other sources of entertainment which span on two levels. The Adventure Ocean program will take care of the children, while you are playing golf or enjoying spa services.

Adventure of the Seas

The Adventure of the Seas ship was built for the active traveler. Here you will find everything you want: from wall climbing to a mini- golf course and an ice rink. On board, you will have a truly unique experience. You can dine in a variety of restaurants or you can relax at the Windjammer Café. The incredible facilities on Adventure of the Seas make it a truly royal travel experience.

Allure of the Seas

Starting December 1st, 2010 Allure of the Seas welcomes you on board. The revolutionary design of the vessel and its facilities will surprise you and they will make ensure you will never have a boring day at sea. With 28 ultra- modern suites and 2,700 spacious cabins, the ship proves that the impossible is now possible. You just have to see it to believe it.


When it comes to cruises on the Amsterdam vessel, it is important to remember that it is one of the most luxurious vessels. You can choose between six pubs, three restaurants, two swimming pools, one with retractable roof or a cabin on one of the ten passenger decks. You can also choose the perfect gift from countless tax –free shops. Other options available on the Amsterdam are the health spa center, theater, library, casino, beauty salon and tennis courts. Like the city with the same name, the Amsterdam ship is all about freedom.

Bleu de France

The Bleu de France ship has a unique concept in the world of cruising, with only one language used on board, French, and a 100% All Inclusive formula. The services aboard this ship are outstanding and the elegant, yet cozy spaces create the typical French chic and discreet style, making it the perfect choice between the vacation cruise packages available.

azamara quest luxury cruise ship

Azamara Quest

Elaborated, decorated and private. These are some of the words with which one can describe the Azamara Quest vessel. With a capacity of more than 700 people, you will discover unparalleled services, each two guests having their own crew member at their disposal. You can indulge with one of the many body treatments offered by AquaSpa or relax on a lounge chair by the pool reading your favorite book and admiring the sights and sounds around you. Explore one of the many exotic ports during the day and enjoy the piano concerts in Michael’s Club.

MS Amadeus Brilliant

In April 2011, the MS Amadeus Brilliant was launched and it exceeded all expectations in terms of luxury on comfort. With the same elegant look as its two sister ships – the MS Amadeus Elegant (2010) and MS Amadeus Diamond (2009), the MS Amadeus Brilliant fits perfectly into the elegant Amadeus fleet. With its 67 cabins and nine suites, the ship is able to accommodate all travel enthusiasts.

Don’t be afraid to explore vacation cruise packages, thinking you will not be able to afford one. Prices start from little over $ 600, but can easily reach a couple of thousands. The key is early booking

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