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Choose your location in Greek Islands…Zannos Melathron Hotel, Santorini…


The Zannos Melathron Epitomises the ideal of ancient and modern. The hotel was created from two buildings- a traditional 18th century Thiran house with barrel-vaulted rooms and a classic 19th century Greek mansion. From the swimming pool terrace and the belvedere is a vista of Santorini- an azure sky, vast turquoise sea and brilliant white buildings strung along the cliffs.

To keep cool the houses enclose a maze of alleys and small courtyards, creating areas of welcome shade and privacy. Inside / the simple shapes of the lofty rooms enhance an eclectic mix of designer furnishings, antiques and original artworks. Contrasting with its old-world charm are all the latest amenities of satellite technology that equip each of the 9 air-conditioned, individually designed suites.

Charming and flawless service, gourmet meals on the veranda restaurant with its unsurpassable view and an aura of calm- this is Greek hospitality at its very best.


The hotel is situated on the highest level of the most picturesque settlement of Santorini island / Pyrgos village. The village has quite a medieval character.

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